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We are Kuwaiti top three short message services providers with over 100,000 registered user and more than 500,000 contacts saved by our clients into our address book. We have changed the way that people are texting each other starting from saying hello to big invitations for big events and scheduling periodic events.

Since 2008, we started building our creative team to provide creative and valued solutions to the market to emphasis the meaning of the word “Quality is all what it matters”. Communicating with our clients gain us the experience to provide the best solutions all over the last 8 years.

Introducing integrated solutions requires a brilliant minds to populate through the digital means. That is why in 2010 we started our first online marketing campaign through the social networks to share knowledge and to gain more experience and to collect statistics about our products to keep enhancing it to meet the clients satisfaction.

Building huge platforms requires years of hard working, but we learned how to build successful ones in no time using the modern concept of thinking and applying our value about being always United.

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