sms Marketing

Reach your mass audience based on location or demography with a delightful SMS message.

SMS Marketing

  • 1. You can send out a customizable text message in bulk that targets audiences in a specified location or demography. Have the text be sent out to reach everyone in a targeted city or mall. You can even target certain age groups, a gender, or even a certain nationality in a focused location.

  • 2. You can inform your customers about exciting promotions that are coming soon or are going on now.

  • 3. You can send transactional messages which can assist with updating your customers about invoices, account balances, order confirmations, shipping, tracking, delivery information, or messages containing links to reset a password.

  • 4. You can send customizable messages in bulk to your customers and get a real time report for all text messages through our SMS platform.

Applied for Following Business Models

Retail Business
Service Based Business
E-Commerce Websites
Appointment Based Business
Booking Based Business
Subscription Based Business
Event Based Business
Excel Based Businesses
Mobile Apps
Online Platforms
Personal Use

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